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My inner child cries for release...

my memories won't give me peace.

9/24/05 11:10 pm

*chuckles lightly**waves* ^^ Hello!

8/20/05 02:29 pm

*sighs* Sorry about never posting here any more. I have a GJ that I greatly favor now days. -_- and beside, LJ kinda pisses me off these days. I haven't relly been up to alot, I'll list of what I've been doing recently.

* packing to move again
* Trying to get rid of my small stomach flu
* Helping my mother find a place to live
* Contemplating if I could survive prison

...yup, that's about it. Exciteing huh?

Anyways, bye again.

8/4/05 11:22 pm - ...tragic anime? ...found one...

I believe this is the first time I've ever sobbed because of the ending of an anime... my god... how can a two hour long show hold that many emotions?! ...and the ending... I'm still crying.

Ai no kusabi

Yaoi. No, not shounen-ai YAOI. But... damn... my god.

8/2/05 12:48 pm

Tagged by: dennist3hmenace

List six of your current favorite songs, and tag six people to do this too:

1. Greenday - Good riddance
2. Avril Lavigne - Too much to ask
3. Goo goo dolls - Iris

4. Eminem - cleanin' out my closet

5. O-zone - Dragostea din tei
6. Annie Lennox - Into the west

*tags* - vralda , bladeofdekasis , ...and that's all I can think of who haven't already done this...

7/31/05 05:31 pm - Got anime?

I sure as hell do! ^^

I'm now up to episode 18 of fruits basket and currently downloading epsodes 19-21

Gravitation is complete ^^

7 eps of ayashi no ceres

FMA only 1&2

Fushigi yuugi only eps 27

And four of yami no matsuei! ^o^

7/31/05 12:32 am - ... gravitation...

Oy... watching gravitation is makeing me nostalgic and depressed... and I'd stop if I weren't so fucking in love with it...

7/30/05 05:26 pm - Ah... the days of a very bored internet pirate...

Yesterdays turn out:
Gravitation 1-5
Yami no matsuei 1&2
Gravitation OVA 1&2
Original Oregon Trail
Ayashi no Ceres 1&2

Todays turn out:
Gravitation 6-11
Yami no matsuei 3
Fruits Basket 1&2
Full metal alchemist 1
Ayashi no Ceres 3-5

*yawns* And now I shall nap. I wish you luck everyone expecially Martin.

7/29/05 05:35 am - Ow... sore...

Well, damn it, it seems I hurt more the day after. My scalp hurts like hell and my cheek is swollen, although thankfully not bruised. As for my sleeping habits... they've been rather shitty... and I can't sleep right now because the stupid pillow hurts my head... *grumbles* Anyways... that's... really all I had to say.

7/25/05 06:14 pm - *chuckles*

Mai yomenie Vralda. *smirks*

Amin vorima n cena-tare au-lle im?

7/25/05 01:59 am - More quizys.

... Is quizys a word?Collapse )
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